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Why Go Vegan? Hope.





Consider the lengths that some will go to be kind to one animal. To save one life. To love and heal one innocent being. For the ones who do it day in and day out, the job can be grueling. Heartbreaking. Neverending.

Billions of animals suffer unspeakable cruelty and die tragically every year for our appetites…and so few are saved.

The lucky ones, like these recently rescued goats, represent the love that humans are capable of, the unshakable hope many of us have, and the whole-hearted belief that every life matters.

You may never carry the body of a frail, diseased baby goat rescued from gruesome conditions, in your arms.

Maybe you’ll never sit up all night to bottle feed a baby cow who was stolen from his mother so humans could harvest her milk for their coffee or cereal.

And it may seem unlikely that you’d risk your own safety to save the life of a pig on his terrifying journey to the slaughterhouse.

But you CAN make a difference.

Three meals a day…week after week…month after month…year after year…yes, you CAN save lives, more lives than we can ever rescue.

Choosing kindness isn’t hard. Compare changing the way you eat with those who are on the front lines. Your job is easier.

Your job matters, too.

Follow the hope in your heart. It’s never too late to start. And we can help.



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