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Vegan Super Bowl Menu

If you want to be on the winning team this year, we’ve got some ideas for a vegan Super Bowl menu. Just because January’s over doesn’t mean you have to abandon resolutions about eating better or going vegan. Super Bowl Sunday is a great time to refocus on those goals because let’s be serious, game day is really all about the food, isn’t it? Super Bowl Sunday is the next biggest food day after Thanksgiving. Putting plants in the end zone with delicious recipes, convenience foods, and take-out is easier than ever.

Ideas for a Vegan Super Bowl Menu

Chili Nachos

If you’re creating a vegan super bowl menu, you’ve got to start with one of the easiest and most popular dishes: Nachos. In this recipe for Chili Nachos, we combined the best of both worlds and used Beyond Beef to prove that when a dish is this good, you can’t tell the difference…and if you can’t tell the difference, why not make it plant-based? Beyond Beef is remarkably similar to ground beef but lentils or crumbled tofu work well, too.


vegan super bowl menuThere’s never been a Super Bowl tie, until now! We give you Stromboli…with two fillings. They’re equally scrumptious and deserve to go head-to-head on game day, or any other day when you need to feed a hungry crowd and wow them with plant-based goodness. Store-bought pizza dough makes this easy and in our recipe, we made two different fillings for a little friendly competition. Put one or both on your vegan Super Bowl menu!

Buffalo Cauliflower

Superbowl fans alone are responsible for the consumption of over one billion wings each year. Those wings used to belong to chickens so that’s a lot of suffering. Try our Buffalo Cauliflower instead. Cauliflower is the perfect vehicle for the sassy, hot sauce used to make buffalo wings. Healthier, kinder, and gluten-free–can’t beat that! Seitan chunks also work well in this recipe!

Mushroom Po’Boys

vegan super bowl menu Forget the seafood and roast beef. Plump little button mushrooms are perfect for the starring role in the remake of this popular sandwich. A crisp, flavorful coating and some buffalo sauce make this sandwich ideal for your vegan Super Bowl menu. Wrap them up in a soft bun loaded with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and tartar sauce and no one will care who’s winning the game!

Smoky Three-Bean Chili

Sometimes a big pot of chili is in order when there’s a crowd or when you’re bringing a dish to a party. Our smoky three-bean chili is a favorite and comes from our cookbook. Full of wonderful, rich flavors this is a dish that satisfies eaters of all kinds. You should probably serve it over steamed rice since everyone’s going to want seconds.

And if you want to round out your vegan Super Bowl menu with some store-bought or take-out dishes, consider a few scrumptious and appropriate options: Field Roast’s Frufalo wings, Trader Joe’s Vegan Meatless Pizza, and what about some of KFC’s Beyond Nuggets…HELLO?!

With so many ways to create a vegan Super Bowl menu, why wouldn’t you? It’s better for you, the planet, and of course…the animals. Go for the win…go vegan!



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