Rescued From a Backyard Slaughter Facility

Fourteen sheep — six mamas, six babies, and two grown males — arrived at CAS on Friday, May 25. Rescued from an illegal backyard slaughter facility in Western New York where they were suffering without food or water, they spent a few weeks at Farm Sanctuary gathering strength for their four-hour journey to CAS. The lambs were initially so weak and emaciated that they were unable to nurse from their sickly mothers; one ewe’s carcass had been left to rot in the back corner of the barn where they were rescued.

We are glad to offer sanctuary to these needy animals, who in just six days are warming up to staff and volunteers, and no longer fleeing in terror.

This rescue of a flock of sheep is only the second in CAS history; the first one was in 2001, when Rambo and his flock (also fourteen sheep) came to us from a horrific hoarding situation. How fitting that the day before his passing, another needy group arrived. We’ve got our eyes on one little lamb—a Jacob, just like Rambo—who’s clearly a standout. Another chapter begins…

In honor of Rambo‘s life and influence, we are inviting those who loved him to sponsor a sheep in his memory – either one of the new flock, or Hannah and Lumpy, Rambo’s old friends. Questions about sponsorship? Email me at

See pictures of the new flock here!




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