200 Million Animals’ Lives Saved in 2011, Projections for 2012 Look Even Better

Farm Animal Rights Movement reports that the number of land animals raised and killed for food in the US dropped by 200 million in 2011 compared to 2010, and that the projections for 2012 look even better! Why? Because the demand for meat has dropped. A 2012 National Harris Poll concluded that 47% of Americans now choose meat-free meals on a regular basis, and 16% of Americans choose to eat meat-free at more than half of their meals! Also, according to the USDA, meat consumption has dropped over 12% in just five years. Think about what a difference that makes for animals who are grown and killed for food!

With the demand for meat dropping, the demand for meat alternatives is rising, reports the LA Times. Even popular fast-food and chain restaurants are now offering veggie alternatives, including: Burger King, Jonny Rockets, Denny’s, and Fatburger.

The everyday choices you make matter a great deal to animals who want their lives as much as we want ours. They matter a great deal for your own health, too, and for the health of our planet. When you support our work — whether by reading and forwarding our newsletter, sponsoring or adopting our animals, donating, taking a cooking class or weekend tour, or staying at The Homestead, you are making an even bigger impact. It’s a wonderful time to GO VEGAN!

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Your Diet, Our Future


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