High School Volunteer is Role Model to Kids at CAS

Siobhan Rubsam first came to Catskill Animal Sanctuary when she was twelve years old. Now, only five years later, she plays an important role as CAS’s daily volunteer for Camp Kindness, a day camp run during the summer at CAS. The camp strives to foster compassion towards all living creatures and a respect for our planet by opening children’s minds to the lives of farm animals.

Siobhan says that she enjoys working with the kids and seeing them fall in love with the animals at CAS. “It is great to see that moment when a child links the friendly pigs at CAS with the pig on her plate and makes the decision that she doesn’t want to eat meat anymore,” said Siobhan who became a vegetarian at 12 years old. “When you are really passionate about the animals you don’t miss the meat.”

“I can relate to where they are,” she says. “I used to ride my bike by a beef farm when I was young and that made me decide to stop eating meat. Later on, after spending time volunteering at CAS, I decided to cut animal products out of my life completely and I adopted a vegan lifestyle when I was sixteen. For most people it starts with small steps; maybe they give up red meat, then they hold a chicken or talk to a turkey and give up meat all together, then they learn about the dairy industry and start thinking about being vegan. That is what CAS offers these kids at Camp Kindness; a chance to interact with farm animals and learn, at an early age, that choosing to be vegan is choosing to be compassionate. Children’s hearts and minds are wide open – it is energizing to work with them every day.”

Siobhan is a senior at Red Hook High School in Red Hook, NY. She hopes to go to a New York state college next year to study Wildlife Conservation.

Interested in becoming a CAS volunteer? We would love to have you! Find more information about volunteering here.

Siobhan with goat friend, Apache, at CAS



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