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4 Reasons Why You Should Sponsor A Turkey For Thanksgiving

  1. Turkeys know their names, recognize their friends, and will run with excitement to their favorite people.
  2. Turkeys are love on two legs. Their amazing capacity to express warmth and compassion blows people away— we see it all the time!
  3. Just like any other animal, turkeys feel joy, pain, fear, and love. This is why we say with confidence and heart, “In the ways that truly matter, we are all the same.”
  4. Turkey hugs! They spread their wings, purr, and fall asleep when you pet them in just the right spot. It’s magical and often brings newcomers to tears. Have you experienced a hug from a turkey yet?

Turkey sponsorships are a fantastic way to build a lifelong connection with a rescued bird. We’ll send you regular updates, photos, and you can schedule a VIP sponsor visit with your new BFF. Sponsors help support food, medical costs, and enrichment activities for beautiful birds like Malika, Imogen, Lady, and Cecilia.



Love Spoken Here, Sanctuary Life


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