50 Folks Get Down & Dirty

On Saturday, over fifty volunteers came from as far away as central New Jersey to help Catskill Animal Sanctuary take down worn fencing, expand pastures, clear invasive brush, and paint a new building. In fact, folks worked so well that CAS was concerned that it might run out of projects!

"I come to the Sanctuary several times a year and wouldn't miss the work days," said Sunil Joseph, who drove to Saugerties from New Jersey.  Sonya Larson added, "For city people who love animals, there's nothing like working on a beautiful farm surrounded by affectionate and curious friends."

In some cases, too affectionate! Casey the free-range horse joined volunteers on the lawn for lunch, and Arthur the free-range goat had to return to his stall lest he tip the lunch table, overflowing with Indian delights like chana masala created by chef Kevin Archer.

"It's one big family here," beamed a newcomer. "Chickens, horses, pigs, humans…all hanging together so peacefully! Seems like a good model to me."

To us, too.



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