A goat herd finds sanctuary in an emergency rescue

It’s been quite a day.Help the goats with a $27 donation!

The animals at a backyard slaughter operation were rescued through a joint effort between Catskill Animal Sanctuary, Farm Sanctuary, Skylands Animal Sanctuary, and Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

The rescuers found 120 goats, cows, and pigs living in filth and darkness. Kathy Keefe, Director of Sanctuary Operations, says, “I had to step over body parts to get to the surviving animals. Intestines were scattered around the floor. There was a skinned cow’s head sitting in a bag. It was a house of horrors.”

Kathy and a rescued goatKathy brought 27 goats home with her. There are 9 males and 18 females, some of whom may be pregnant. All of them carry lice and have fungal infections. Their hooves have not been cared for and are overgrown. Worst of all, it appears they have a respiratory ailment and are infected with the orf virus, a particularly nasty infection where the mouth and muzzle are covered with scabby sores.

Will you please help save lives by making a donation of $27 right now? That’s one dollar in honor of each life saved.


Some of the rescued goat herd.All arrivals to CAS spend time in quarantine for the health and safety of the residents and staff. This new herd will be the first to live in our newly built barn with the generous support of caring people like you. But their road to recovery will be a long one. Please help with a donation of $27 today. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.




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  1. Hi,
    I passed this ‘farm’ this morning, where these goats were rescued from and see that they now have their yard full of animal again. How is it possible that these people can have animals in their possession again??

    1. We don’t know the latest status of the investigation, but will contact the SPCA to ask. Thanks for the update.

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