A Perfect Opening Weekend

After weeks of winter weather woes and worries, the sun finally came out for Opening Weekend!

Pigs were strolling in the sunshine and nosing through the dirt.

Sheep were basking in the warmth on the hillside.

Over one hundred and eighty humans of every age and background made friends with animals and heard their stories from our kind, knowledgeable tour guides. 

Turkeys ate clover and climbed into laps. The cows sat in the shade of a large tree on their hill and walked to the fence for attention as the mood struck them.  People strolled the paths, visiting “celebrities” like Violet, Mary Frances, Amos, Jesse, and Bartleby.

After a quiet, cold winter, our joyful valley was stirring awake. It was a perfect start to the 2018 public tour season. We are now including Family-Focused Tours and Day Passes in our weekend offerings. Check our Visitor Page for details and more fun activities.

See you soon!



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