Join a community of joyful vegans changing the world for animals. At Catskill Animal Sanctuary, our tagline Love Spoken Here embodies a philosophy that informs all that we do. But we also want the world to go vegan — not someday, right now. Love and urgency combine to create our special sauce, rooted in the belief that people are good. Come see for yourself.

More than 300 Individual Beings Call the Sanctuary Home

Cows as gentle as old golden retrievers, old blind horses, chatty chickens and pigs as smart as people — you know how wonderful they are…

Partner with a Vegan Maker

Our animals are the best vegan makers — it happens every weekend! If you sponsor an animal, your monthly gift covers the costs of your animal’s basic needs and provides you with perks such as visiting privileges with your not-yet-vegan friends and family.

Have Room in Your Heart and Your Home?

If you dream of having pigs, chickens, ducks or horses as family members, adoption may be right for you. Each and every animal adoption enriches the life of the adopter and the adoptee and, equally importantly, makes room at the Sanctuary for the next animal in urgent need.

Feeling Big Hearted?

As a vegan, you probably know more than the average bear about the costs involved in running a teaching sanctuary. Your gift will change lives through direct care and heart-opening programming.

Be the Change You Want to See in the World

Remember the challenges you faced as a new vegan, such as where to shop, what to cook, or how to navigate difficult social situations? Help grow our urgent movement by mentoring someone at the very beginning of this life-affirming journey.

Learn about our vegan mentor program

Turn Your Passion into a Career

If the idea of working on behalf of animals and the environment makes your heart sing, consider working with us.

View our job openings

Got Time and Love?

At a 150-acre teaching sanctuary, volunteer opportunities abound, and we’re looking for help with hands-on animal care, carpentry, video production, fundraising, cooking, grant writing, and more.

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