Let’s be clear: it’s going to take the best from each of us — and then some — to usher in the bold vision we share. So, get involved with direct animal care, or support our mentor, cooking, or youth programs. Whether you’re an individual, a family or a business owner, your allegiance is needed and appreciated. We can’t wait to work with you!

Sanctuary Members Save Lives

While grants support the Sanctuary’s special projects, our individual members from around the world are the ones who allow us to continue to rescue and offer the highest-quality individualized care to animals in need.

Make a Friend for Life

We know not everyone has the time or space to adopt an animal, and that’s why we created our animal sponsorship program. By sponsoring one of our residents, your contributions cover the costs required to meet their needs — and create a one-of-a-kind, lasting bond… not to mention the sponsor-level perks like special visiting privileges!

Individualized Care for Hundreds of Rescued Animals

From customized diets and cutting-edge health treatments to the simple but essential basics like tractor-loads of hay and bedding to love in abundance — we provide what animals need to not only survive but thrive.

Looking to Share Your Time and Love?

If the idea of working with animals — and protecting our planet — makes your heart sing, we’ll play your favorite tune! As a Catskill Animal Sanctuary volunteer, you’ll improve lives and gain critical skills and knowledge as you work with experts in animal care, education, mentoring, communications and/or nonprofit fundraising.

A Gift that Really Works

Everything we do is thanks to the generosity of people just like you! Large or small, your contribution will directly enhance our efforts to save animals, and the planet. Plus, it’s tax deductible, and many employers offer matching-gift programs so your donation could even be doubled.

Give what you can today

Align Your Business with Your Beliefs

If you’re a business owner and think like we do, we’d love to explore opportunities to partner with you to amplify our reach and expand your visibility. There’s nothing like feeling good — and growing your business — by doing good. Email donorsupport@casanctuary.org and let’s connect!