An Epidemic Beyond the Flu

Ryan Donnell for The New York TimesToday’s New York Times reports on the bird flu epidemic.

Each year billions of chickens are killed. They were likely exploited so humans could consume them for meat or their eggs. Or perhaps they were killed at birth because they were the wrong sex.

Compared against such staggering numbers, the millions who are being killed because of the flu are relatively small. But in discussions about the epidemic the focus has generally been on the rising cost of eggs. Why is there no mention of the inherent value of a chicken’s life? Maybe this is why:

“… egg producers had more experience than most with disposing of large volumes of birds as part of their routine operations. Center Fresh, for example, gets rid of hens after they’ve been laying for about a year, culling them from barns on a rolling basis to manage waste.”

They don’t have an inherent value to the animal agriculture industry beyond being a production unit.

But we know better.

chicken taking a dust bathEveryday we see chickens demonstrate their individual personalities and live their lives with joy. Yes, joy. Chickens deserve a chance at happiness just as much as humans do.

You have the power to end this madness. Go vegan.



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4 replies on “An Epidemic Beyond the Flu”

  1. Excellent point, Thomas. Also of value here, is your comment on the nature that sex of the animal plays into their cruel fate. As a woman, I can’t imagine being “culled” once I was no longer reproductively “valuable”. And, for my male counterparts, I cannot imagine being immediately disposed of because of my inability to participate in oogenesis. The chickens at CAS have taught me (particuarly Emmet) that they are dynamic, sentient individuals. And yes, Thomas, they deserve every chance at happiness.

    1. Thanks, Kristen. The animals really are their own best advocates. Spending time with them can be life-changing.

  2. I like chickens.. i raised 6 chickens and they were lovely, friendly, caring and musical..yes, musical.. they gathered together and cooooed together all in tune. It was lovely.

  3. What a sad world we live in, I lose so much sleep at night thinking about the cruelty that animals face everyday. Poor chickens, they are such lovely animals., they and all animals deserve so much better.

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