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Alexandra, Finneas & Fernando

Alexandra “Lexi” came from our largest mammal rescue in our history, when we saved 42 sheep from horrific cruelty and neglect at a nearby slaughter operation in Fall 2022. Lexi was among many of the adult sheep who suffered from extreme emaciation, high parasite counts, and hoof rot. She was also one of the 8 females we determined to be pregnant at the time of their arrival! She gave birth to her twin boys, Finneas and Fernando, in the early hours of the morning on December 5th, 2022. The boys are inseparable but you can easily tell them apart by their noses— Finn has a bright pink nose, and Fern, a black one (Finneas also has a large brown spot on his back!). Lexi is still very shy around people, but clearly so appreciative to have her sons with her.