Bob & Midnight from the South Bronx

We got a call last Tuesday from a school teacher in the South Bronx (NYC). She had spotted two chickens hanging out around the school – walking around the playground, pecking at trash, and even crossing the street! She was afraid that they would get hit by a car, or worse, so she called CAS to help.

A quarantine stall was prepared for the chickens and we gave the teacher the ‘thumbs up’ to bring the two to refuge at CAS. She was so thrilled to hear the good news – now all she had to do was catch the duo…easier said than done. But South Bronx high schoolers, JJ and Angelica, had also noticed the tiny chickens and were eager to help catch them. Once they were loaded up, JJ and Angelica decided to tag along on the trip north to CAS – they wanted to see what kind of place was saving two chickens from the Bronx!

They arrived at dusk on Thursday evening. Our Farm Manager, Kathy Keefe, got the chickens settled in their stall with food, water, and bedding and then gave the rescuers a quick tour of CAS. JJ and Angelica were in awe – they had never seen a place like CAS before. Before they left, Keefe asked the students what they would like to name the two newest additions to the CAS family; the decided on Bob for the rooster and Midnight for the tiny black hen.

Welcome Bob and Midnight to a place of love.




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