Bracing for the Cold

Winter is quickly approaching and our staff is working hard to make sure that our critters stay warm and safe.

CAS Buildings and Grounds Manager, Caleb Fieser, will be cleaning out gutters, checking the overhead heaters, setting up heaters in water troughs and preparing salt/sand mixes for our gravel roads. “We made many improvements during the past year that reduced our weather-proofing needs,” and Fieser. “While we still have steps to take to prepare for the cold, the buildings are now more comfortable for the animals year-round.”

These improvements included installing air-tight overhead doors on the main barn, putting shutters over the windows on all the animals’ buildings, and insulating the bird and pig barns. Our pigs get cold very easily so we do all we can (including covering them with piles of hay) to make sure that they are comfortable when the thermometer dips below zero.

In late September, a volunteer group from NYC fenced off the CAS pond to prevent the horses from wandering out onto it once it freezes. Apparently, however, neither Abby nor Henny approved of our addition; they immediately forced their way through it to keep up their afternoon ritual of splashing in the water. We’ll wait awhile before we repair the fence so that they can continue to have their fun.

[It is important to take steps to safe-guard your animals from the extreme weather. Make sure that your outdoor animals are protected from the wind and have ample bedding to keep them warm. It is a law in most states that animals kept outside have access to shelter, water, and food. If you see an animal without shelter from the cold please report it to your local SPCA and law enforcement, and be prepared to follow up to ensure that they’ve responded.]



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