2014: Camp Kindness Launches its 4th Season

We are proud to announce the fourth season of Camp Kindness, our groundbreaking summer camp where kids can kiss an 800-pound pig, hug a 1,500-pound steer, and take a goat for a walk. Camp Kindness, located here on sanctuary grounds, is an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the country, perhaps in the world. First and foremost, this camp provides children with a rare opportunity to explore the inner lives of pigs, cows, turkeys, horses, chickens, sheep and goats. Kids are amazed that, just like humans, farm animals play and scheme, form friendships, care deeply for their young, get in squabbles, mourn the loss of friends, and so much more.

At Camp Kindness, children do far more than observe the animals.They actually help with animal care; prepare delicious vegan meals to share with family; treat potbelly pigs to “spa day;” and learn about the behavior, language, emotions, and intelligence of 11 species of farm critters.

Certified humane educators teach how animals are treated in the meat, dairy, and egg industries in a way that is both sensitive and enlightening for young audiences. The program inspires young people to think critically about farm animal issues through art projects, reflective writing, and engaging learning opportunities. Overall, the camp is designed to promote kindness and compassion for all creatures – while having lots of fun.

And kids aren’t the only ones having fun! Parents can stay onsite at The Homestead, our guesthouse, and enjoy homemade vegan breakfasts, get VIP passes to spend quality time with the animals, take vegan cooking classes, and enjoy the Hudson Valley’s art and cultural scene, wineries, culinary hot spots, farmers markets, and hikes while the kids are in camp. Weekly Camp Kindness sessions run from July 8th through August 2nd. Click here for registration forms and more information.



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