CAS Welcomes NINE Newbies to a Place of Love

Catskill Animal Sanctuary has opened its doors to many newcomers over the past month: roosters, ducks, a horse and more! We are so excited to welcome these newbies to a place of love….

Roosters Francis and Hans Solo weren’t popular with the neighbors at their previous home; the neighbors complained so much about the boys’ crowing that their humans were forced to lock them away for most of the day. Thankfully, these good folks also knew that this was no way for roosters to live, so they brought them to CAS, where the boys roam freely all day. On tour days, visitors love photographing the handsome boys, who certainly don’t seem to mind!

Walter and MingMing, two of our newest ducks, were rescued by an animal-lover who found the pair as babies on the side of a road in Staten Island, NY. She cared for the happy duo in her backyard – complete with their own kiddie pool – over the summer, but knew that she couldn’t house them inside during the cold winter months, so she brought them to CAS. Walter and MingMing are enjoying their new home next to the pond with neighbors Morry and Mugsy, our Muscovy ducks.
Ducks Pip and Patito also just arrived! Pip didn’t hatch with the rest of his siblings in a neighborhood pond and his cracked, but not broken, shell lay dormant. When an animal lover went over to check on the unhatched egg she could see Pip in it and helped him break free! She raised the little duckling, whose mother wouldn’t accept the “late hatcher,” and searched for a forever home for him. Pip is only six weeks old but is already larger than his roommate Patito, who was also hand-raised. A family found Patito alone in their backyard and took him in when he was young. Both ducks are enjoying spending time in our garden together.

Nellie, our newest goat, was about to be sent to auction (and eventually slaughter), but a caring person took her to Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary, who then brought Nellie to CAS, where she splits her time between a horse field and a goat field. Tiny Nellie squeezes through the gate dividing the two fields and has made friends on both sides of the fence!

Gypsy the rabbit was discarded by her owners. At CAS she is treasured as “one of the gang,” and is thoroughly enjoying her new home and friends. Gypsy spends her days in our garden doing what rabbits do best – hopping around and nibbling on lush, green grass. In the evening, she is tucked away safely in the main barn.

On the other end of the size spectrum, Sioux, a beautiful — and enormous — draft horse,  wasn’t being properly cared for after her human died, and was brought to CAS in the nick of time by a concerned neighbor. Sioux was scheduled for euthanasia due to her terrible hoof issues, which makes caring for her very difficult. Luckily, with much attention from our skilled farrier Kevin Post, Sioux is recovering and enjoying her time out at pasture with blind horses Buddy and Mirage who offer her laid-back companionship.

Each of these rescued animals is looking for their forever home. If you are interested in opening your home and adopting any of our farm animals, please email CAS Adoption Coordinator Robyn Welty at





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