Don’t Give Chicks or Bunnies as Easter Gifts

Harvey and Lily
Best friends Harvey and Lily arrived at CAS in 2010.

Spring is a season of daffodils, baby birds, and green returning everywhere. It is also a season of unnecessary tragedy for thousands of chicks and bunnies.

Each year chicks and bunnies are sold as Easter gifts. These fuzzy and furry babies are too often discarded after they grow up and their novelty has worn off. The majority are left abandoned to fend for themselves and do not survive or are brought to shelters where they are often killed. The fortunate few end up at sanctuaries like Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

If we want a world where all living beings are respected then our first step is to recognize that no species is a novelty or someone’s property to be bought and sold. When we bring an animal into our lives we must recognize the enormous commitment that entails. Chicks and bunnies want to live among others of their species and not a solitary life of confinement. They can live for years and have many needs that must be met for them to thrive. Instead of bringing a chick or bunny home for Easter let’s teach children to honor these species instead.

In 2013 twenty chickens were shipped through the mail and abandoned at the post office who called CAS.

This Easter how about sponsoring a lucky chicken or bunny here at CAS? Celebrate the season compassionately by giving a gift sponsorship in the name of someone special. What better way to show how much you care than bettering the life of an animal?

By becoming a monthly sponsor you’ll help provide the safe and loving home a chicken or bunny deserves. Please become a sponsor today.

People who become a chicken or rabbit sponsor in April will also receive a special gift: a free ceramic travel mug! Become a sponsor now!



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  1. I could throttle the breeders of these animals for using this holiday as a point of sale. Spoiled kids do not need animals for Easter..How about everyone stop using animals as amusement to our already over stimulated offspring.

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