Emergency Rescue: Veal Calves’ Lives Saved


Just last Tuesday, I got a call about four 3-day-old calves. Unwanted by-products of a dairy farm, they were destined for a veal crate and slaughter at four months old. (Dairy cows must give birth to produce milk for human consumption; their baby boys are of little or no value to the dairy farmer and are sold for veal.) A neighbor who saw the calves convinced the farmer to give them up, but wasn’t able to care for them herself. I couldn’t let these helpless boys suffer when there was another option.

These boys were torn away from their mother at birth. When CAS staff found them, they were desperately trying to drink from a large water trough for survival. The calves were dangerously dehydrated; one was too weak to swallow. We immediately got them the vet care that they needed and set up staff to bottle feed and administer subcutaneous electrolytes around the clock.

How wonderful it was to name Calvin, Bernard, Emerson, and Russell! Instead of a short life of sickness and confinement, we welcomed them to a place where they will experience peace, joy, and friendship…..for as long as twenty years.

These four babies continue to receive subcutaneous fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, and love (that’s our specialty!) 24 hours a day. But they aren’t out of the woods yet. Their condition is still fragile, and expenses are already mounting quickly.

Please donate now to help CAS cover the expense of this emergency rescue and so many others like it. These boys need on-going medical care, deep straw bedding, food, vaccines, and more. Since we’ve had very few cow adoptions, we assumed a life-long financial commitment the day we took these boys in. Your gift to help CAS continue this vital work of emergency rescue is deeply appreciated.

Donate now towards the care of these calves and the many other animals who will follow them. We will never stop in our quest to save innocent lives.

On behalf of Calvin, Bernard, Emerson, and Russell – thank you!






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18 replies on “Emergency Rescue: Veal Calves’ Lives Saved”

    1. Of course CAS does not go about ‘stealing’ animals. The four cuties, whom I saw again yesterday the 8th, are looking stronger and more alert than last Saturday. Now being bottle fed every 3 hours – which means shifts throughout the night.

      1. The calves were legitimately surrendered, of course. They’ve got long lives and important jobs as ambassadors ahead of them!

        I have the 2 am feeding shift tonight–can’t wait to see them.

        — Kathy Stevens, Founder and Director, Catskill Animal Sanctuary

        1. So glad 2 hear the calves r still @ CAS! Can’t wait 2 c them @ the end of the month. Keep up the good work Kathy & staff. The people who support u by far outweigh the morons who attack u.

  1. You people are rediculous,you banned me from your Facebook page,for asking you,if you stole these calves,which i found out,you did,and your asking for donations.They are not your animals.You are going to have some law suit on your hands.

    1. Hi. The neighbor convinced the farmer to give up the calves, and then she handed them over to the sanctuary. They were not stolen.

      1. They were not turned over to CAS,they were stolen.Infact they have been returned to the owner,so CAS is running a scam right now asking for donations,when they longer have the calves.

      2. first off, the rest of the animals in the video look very healthy, not likely that the calves were being neglected. also i am interested to know where your information is coming from about the age of the animals, they are more than three days old based on their navels being dry. which makes me question your veterinarian who examined them after you took them. a vet who can not tell you the age of the animal should not be practicing medicine at all

    2. What kind of person would write this. I’m in Australia but if I lived closer I would be a volunteer.

    3. Do you expect anyone to believe that CAs staff would steal animals, & post the theft on video? What you & all the people who bad mouth CAS are doing is irresponsible. Thos organization does great work, & they depend on donations. If you can’t help, @ least get out of their way, & let them do their job. IMHO anyone who attacks CAS sides w/ those who neglect & torture animals, or worse is 1 of those people. Good people of CAS – don’t let these bullies intimidate you! Your supporters are many, & WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU 100%! Can’t wait to tell you in person when we’ll visit @ the end of the month. How I’d love to get Christopher & Noelle to let me pet them – but she’s v. nervous, & he’s always protecting her.

  2. Great job. The ignorant need to be educated. When you order your veal parm dinner you are directly responsible for unthinkable suffering and misery. Veal calves are removed from their mothers when only days old and confined (CONFINED) for their entire brief lives. Enjoy your veal dinner

  3. Finally,  the ones who truly should  ” Have Milk “.

    As far as those who say CAS has stolen these dear ones, I say just block their sadly ignorant postings.   Waste of our time.        

  4. Ellie Sarty and Michael Crehore:   This music is simply exquisite.   Please, CAS, give us more of their creations, as they play on the heart strings in perfect pitch with your loving video. 

  5. Still looking for donations and they do not even have the calves anymore.You people are greedy..

  6. Thank you so much for taking care of these cuties. And the woman who convinced the farmer to give them up deserves a medal. I love you guys! I agree; anyone badmouthing anyone who is trying to help the animals is just as bad as the abusers. I love you, CAS!

  7. Just this Monday, Aug 20, I got a peek at these sweet babies, and I could not see their ribs showing any longer. They are getting healthier with all their bottle feedings (bless the many CAS staff who do this unheralded work night and day). I was told that very soon we’ll be able to see them free in a field at CAS.

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