Erin’s Barn Brief

reggie amelia snow

We have been pummeled by snow this winter, getting over two feet in February alone! The sanctuary may look like a winter wonderland but the volume of snow has made every task more challenging. Staff have been shoveling and plowing daily, ensuring all the animals are fed, watered, and heavily bedded.

It has been exhausting, but we are all happy to do what it takes for our beloved animal friends. And it was fun to see the animals experience such deep snowfall. The horses couldn’t wait: herd leader Noah rolled joyfully right beside the gate. The sheep were a little more skeptical, the ducks dove right into the snow mounds, and the chickens hesitantly peered out of their cozy coops.

Movings and Shakings

Arthur goat

Farrier Kevin Post braved the extreme weather to give hoof trims to all the horses (plus Bobby the donkey). Abby the mare got extra attention for a hoof abscess. She is feeling like her old self since Kevin’s visit, frolicking and playing with her horse friends.

Senior goat Arthur visited the vet to monitor his overall health. He is doing quite well, but is now getting 2 extra meals daily to keep him at an optimal body weight. Arthur is in absolute heaven getting extra attention and private snack time!

Newcomers Thelma and Shirley (goat and sheep) received a clean bill of health and have joined the Underfoot Family. Shirley is really taken with senior sheep Hannah, following Hannah everywhere and calling for her when she’s out of sight. Mischievous goat Stencil took Thelma under his wing and has already taught her to climb into the feed truck. Liz, an older sheep, returned to CAS after her adopted companion passed away and has joined Hannah’s gang. Hannah has always been in the “follower” role with beaus Rambo, Lumpy, and Lambert; it will be interesting to see how she handles being the object of affection.

Sweet little Miriam had to visit Cornell again for an additional surgery on her colostomy site. She fared well and has returned home. Miriam will need lots of TLC and careful cleaning of her colostomy site, and will eat a modified special diet (soft food, fiber supplements and prune juice). Only time will tell how Miriam’s body will cope but she has such a feisty spirit!


Chopper potbelly pigPotbelly pig Chopper was adopted to his forever home with Jody M where he will be sure to get lots of attention and treats. Sansa the goat is pending adoption to Stephanie M – with sprawling acres to explore and a playful pony. We are sure Sansa will be happy there!


We said a sad goodbye to Coco the rooster recently. Though quite large, Coco was also shy and would hide in the corner when he was afraid. Coco passed peacefully of old age during the night surrounded by his rooster buddies. Senior hen Flora passed away as well. Flora had been living in the kitchen, getting extra TLC for the last several months. At the age of nearly 5, she was quite long-lived for a “white bird,” one of the genetically manipulated birds that are raised for meat and slaughtered young. The barn will not be the same without her.

We also lost Mocha, a female Muscovy duck, to a predator. Mocha had been living with Mugsy by the pond and the two were close companions.



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