Featured Creature – Haddie

Meet Haddie!


Haddie is a beautiful Quarter Horse mix, 14.3 hands high and approximately 12 years old.  One of a dozen severely neglected animals (including her adult daughter Collette) rescued in 2011 from a notorious hoarder in Upstate NY, Haddie now spends her days at CAS relaxing and grazing with the mares in Noah’s small herd. Haddie is especially close with Cricket and the two mares can often be found romping the hillside or basking in the sunshine next to each other.

Haddie is available for adoption and would make a sweet addition to any family. Though a little shy around humans, Haddie is relaxed with other farm animals and doesn’t mind sanctuary equipment running nearby. She is working with our natural horsemanship trainer and coming along nicely under saddle.

7243540772_21ff2d2ed3_bIf you are interested in adopting or sponsoring Haddie, contact Erin Murphy, Adoption and Sponsorship Coordinator, at erin@casanctuary.org or 845-336-8447 x 232



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  1. Wait! YOu are allowing Haddie to be adopted out to be ridden yet you are against the NYC Horse Drawn Carriages?

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