Featured Creatures – Isabel and Clarice

Clarice and IsabelMeet Isabel and her mama, Clarice!

Found wandering in a residential neighborhood, Isabel and Clarice were rescued by concerned neighbors and arrived at CAS in the summer of 2013. Isabel was only a few months old and both sheep were stricken with orf, a herpes-like virus that resulted in them being quarantined for weeks.

The ladies have fully recovered and are a part of our main free-ranging sheep herd, though Clarice is still reserved around humans. Not so Isabel! The youngest of the herd is an adventurous spirit, greeting visitors enthusiastically and traipsing up the hill to our neighbors’ (off-limits) lawn.

IsabelIsabel and Clarice must be adopted as a pair and their sweet, funny natures will be great additions to any flock. If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring this sheep duo, please contact Erin Murphy at erin@casanctuary.org or 845-336-8447 x232



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