Featured Creatures – Noelle & Christopher

Meet mother and son sheep, Noelle and Christopher!

Noelle and ChristopherIn December 2006, concerned neighbors in the Bronx witnessed a tiny, terrified ewe running down a street, chased by a pack of dogs; her rescuers believed she escaped from an animal sacrifice ritual in a nearby cemetery. No one ever suspected that malnourished and extremely shy Noelle might be pregnant. Christmas morning, staff arrived to find not one, but two bright eyed faces in the stall; Noelle had given birth in the night!

Now, Christopher and Noelle spend their days frolicking in their meadow. Free-ranging sheep, Hannah and Lambert, visit daily, grazing right beside them. Though Noelle is still quite reserved around people, Christopher grows braver each day. If you sit quietly, he will nibble treats right out of your hand. It’s easy to see why these gentle sheep are so beloved by CAS staffers, volunteers and visitors.

Noelle and Christopher in snowChristopher and Noelle will live out their lives in comfort and care at CAS so one good way to build a relationship with them is through sponsorship. Contact Michelle Alvarez at michelle@casanctuary.org if you are interested in supporting and bonding with these sublime sheep! While Noelle and Christopher have found their forever home here at CAS, they have many fleecy friends who are adoptable so please click if you have room in your home and hearts.



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