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Visit our PetFinder page to see the animals that we currently have available for adoption!

We encourage everyone interested in adopting to read over our Adoption FAQs and Fact Sheets before filling out an application. Even if you are experienced in caring for farmed animals, we have very specific requirements which may vary from the requirements of other organizations or from those of your local zoning board. Additionally we require that you live within two hours of the Sanctuary so that we may visit you for an initial assessment and follow ups after adoption.

  1. Fill out the adoption application for the animal(s) you are interested in. If you would like to adopt more than one species, you will need to fill out the corresponding forms for each of them.
  2. Our Adoption Coordinator will review your form, call you to discuss which of our animals might be a good fit for your family, check your references, and schedule an appointment for you to have an extended visit with the barn staff and your potential matches. (Note: if you do not qualify under our adoption guidelines, or we do not have any animals who are suitable matches for your family we may be able to refer you to other organizations or to animals on our waiting list.)
  3. You will meet with our Adoption Coordinator at the Sanctuary for an extended visit with the animal(s) who might be a good match for your family. You will be given an overview of any special care your animals may require; this is a great time for you to ask questions.
  4. If we are able to find an animal who is a suitable match for your family, our Adoption Coordinator will schedule a home visit in order to approve your animal housing facilities. (Sometimes a second home visit is required.)
  5. Once your facilities have been approved, we will contact you to sign the adoption paperwork and to arrange transportation of the animal(s).

The adoption process generally takes 2 to 4 weeks to complete, depending on the schedules of the Adoption Coordinator, barn staff, and adoptive family. Home/barn visits may take longer to complete if you live at the outer edges of our adoption zone. If a rescue situation has received a lot of press coverage, the process may take longer due to the number of families applying at the same time. Please be patient as we work to find homes that best meet the needs of our animals.

Contact Adoption and Sponsorship Coordinator Erin Murphy at and 845-336-8447 x 232 with any questions.


Adoption coordinator Erin gets a kiss from a rescued veal calf

Adoption coordinator Erin gets a kiss from a rescued veal calf

Adoption FAQ

Fact Sheets

Turkey Fact Sheet
Sheep Fact Sheet
Potbellied Pig Fact Sheet
Goat Fact Sheet
Equine Fact Sheet
Duck and Goose Fact Sheet
Cow Fact sheet
Chicken Fact Sheet


Cow/Goat/Sheep Adoption Application
Rabbit Adoption Application
Potbellied Pig Application
Equine Adoption Application
Chicken/Duck/Goose/Turkey Adoption application

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