Finding Your Power…Right Now

Finding Your Power…Right Now

The very first Founder Friday question was a doozie! Dee Boleman asked:  if you were granted three wishes, what would you wish your supporters, patrons and followers do to advance the cause of creating a Vegan World?

Luckily, Dee didn’t knock me too far off-kilter, as I’ve often received variations of this question—usually around what a single individual can do to “be more effective” on behalf of veganism.

All of us are very good at something. Some of us are good at several things. If helping to usher in a vegan world truly matters to us, then the question is simply, “What do I do best, and how can I use that unique gift, passion, or capacity in service to that breathtaking vision?” Where is your power? How can you leverage it? Because you see, friends, when we humans are at our very best — which, in my view, is when we have identified precisely what matters to us and then have aligned our lives in pursuit of that vision — we are powerful beyond measure.

This movement, after all, is the largest social change movement in history. We are asking every single person alive to change first her understanding of, and secondly her behavior toward, every single other being. So veganism needs many strategies, and it needs every single talent that humans possess.

But luckily, Dee gave me three wishes, not just one.

My first wish, of course, is for all those folks she mentioned to GO VEGAN, thereby a) saving tens of thousands of lives over the course of their lifetime and b) exponentially more by being a mentor/role model for others.

My second wish is for all those vegans to figure out how best to leverage their unique strengths/talents in service to our movement, which urgently needs every single one of us.

My final wish? My final wish, my fervent prayer, is that our precious, aching planet give our species just a couple more decades to get our act together and change course. We don’t deserve that — and if I were Earth, I’d shake us off like a bad case of lice. But I hope that she’s got the fortitude and forbearance to give us a few more years than we deserve…because the tide is turning.

So friends: if the vision of a vegan world matters to you, I invite you bring your very best to the table…right now.

I look forward to the conversation. From all of us, Happy New Year…and onward.



*Director's Corner, Catskill Conversations


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  1. Out in Seattle, I didn’t anticipate the profound change in my life that would come about from a little FB “like” from my cousin in New York. I found CAS on FB, I read “Where the Blind Horse Sings,” and I’ll never be the same again. Thank you!

    1. Such a joy to write that first book about the early days of Catskill and those game-changing animals: Buddy. Rambo. Paulie. And heartened, Jeanne, that our work has resonated so deeply with you. Please keep in touch-we’d love to know more about your journey! –Kathy Stevens

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