Foolsgold Arts and One Mile Gallery Host Auction to Benefit CAS! Submit Your Artwork Inspired By Animals of CAS!

Many artists are inspired by the beauty of CAS and use their talents to benefit our animal friends. Supporters have taken photographs for use in Director Kathy Stevens’ books and on our website, donated paintings and hand-made jewelry for the annual shindig auction, and designed our t-shirts. Now, Foolsgold Arts, a producer of exhibitions that benefit non-profits organizations working to protect the environment and animals, and One Mile Gallery in Kingston, NY, are offering our artist friends a wonderful opportunity to showcase their impressive art AND continue their support of CAS.

Foolsgold Arts is seeking artwork inspired by the animals of CAS to be shown from July 2-30, 2011, with an opening reception and silent auction on July 2nd. Sales will be shared as follows: 40% to CAS, 40% to the artist (or the artist can donate some or all of his/her portion to CAS), and 20% to One Mile Gallery to help cover costs.

We warmly encourage all interested artists to submit their work for consideration! Due to space constraints, not all submissions can be accepted. The submission deadline is May 30, 2011, and you’ll find all the details in the Call for Entries.

A heartfelt thanks to Foolsgold Arts, One Mile Gallery, and all those who use their passion and creativity to benefit animals suffering from cruelty and neglect. See you at the show!



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