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For Vegan Sushi Cook-Along Class

Shopping and Equipment

There are 3 different types of fillings, 1 soup, and 1 sauce that will be taught in class. The simple sauce is optional and the ingredients are at the bottom of the shopping list. There are also a few optional ingredients that can be added to your sushi rolls if you like, and those ingredients are listed separately in the shopping list – you don’t need to buy them to make delicious sushi.

The following ingredients on the shopping list can be kept for your next sushi meal our used in other ways if you’re wondering about making the purchase:
Kombu can be added when cooking beans, rice, soups, and stews for added nutrition and taste
Miso can be used in tahini sauce and drizzled over vegetables and grain bowls or added to salad dressings
Wakame is a healthy and delicious topper for salads and grain bowls

Equipment List
In addition to standard kitchen equipment and tools (like a couple of pots, cutting board, various bowls and plates), you may be curious about special things you might need to make sushi. You could order a sushi kit for fun (a variety of prices and contents are available online and in stores), or you can easily make it work with fewer items, some you may already have.

Makisu/bamboo sushi mat (or use a clean dish towel or just your hands)
> Wooden sushi rice paddle (or substitute a wooden spoon)
> Sharp knife
> Chopsticks

Other Kitchen Items:

Large wooden, plastic, or glass bowl
Smaller bowl
2 small pots, 1 with lid (or use foil)
Spoons for mixing
Measuring cups, spoons
Ladle or large spoon for serving soup
Small pan
Various mixing bowls
Small baking tray

Shopping List for Sushi Class



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