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Be A Champion For Animals At The 2021 Goat Games!

You can take gold and be a champion for rescued animals at the second annual 2021 Goat Games! Grab your friends and team up for a 5K walk, hike, bike, run, swim — or even nap!

Remember how much fun last year was? This year is going to be the G.O.A.T.!*

*G.O.A.T. = “Greatest Of All Time”

We’re co-hosting with Global Federation Of Animal Sanctuaries and we’ve invited 9 other sanctuaries across the country to join the fun!

Choose your favorite activity & sign up now!



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2 replies on “Be A Champion For Animals At The 2021 Goat Games!”

  1. I don’t see where I can register. Also, is the swim 5K all at once, or may it be done in smaller sessions? 5K is a lot of swimming. A 5K run might be 20-45 minutes. I think an average swimmer would be lucky to make 2K/hour, so a 5K swim would be 2.5 hours all at once!

    1. Hi MJ, you can register at
      We’re so excited that you want to swim for Team Chester! Your swim doesn’t have to be 5K (yes that would be a lot!) You can set your own goals for this challenge.
      -The CAS Team

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