Good Bye Chef Kevin

Long-time CAS supporters David Life and Sharon Gannon, founders of Jivamukti Yoga, made made an offer Chef Kevin couldn’t refuse – and unfortunately for us, he didn’t. We’re deeply saddened that Kevin will be leaving our Compassionate Cuisine program, and will miss his skills, warmth, and wisdom, but are pleased that he’ll be continuing our message of compassion at JivamukTea Café in NYC. Ask him to tell you some animal stories when you stop in for a healthy snack!

With Kevin’s departure, we now have an opening for a Chef Educator to continue building our fledgling Compassionate Cuisine program. If you have culinary training, are dedicated to a vegan lifestyle, are passionate about teaching, have experience cooking for large crowds, are knowledgeable about vegetable gardening, and are looking for a position that’s both challenging and creative, please check out our full job description. Interviews will begin soon!



Love Spoken Here, Sanctuary Life