Guest Blog from Nigel, “Feelings of the Heart”

Nigel began volunteering at CAS through Samaritan Village, a recovery program for chemically addicted adults. Nigel, and other Samaritan Village volunteers, stepped forward to assist CAS with construction projects, special events, and more. We are fortunate to have their assistance, and look forward to each of their visits. Nigel, in particular, was moved by his experience at Catskill Animal Sanctuary and asked me to share his “Feelings of the Heart” on our blog. Enjoy….

“Feelings of the Heart”

I came to realize that a new chapter in my life finally began–a life that opened my eyes to a place of understanding towards animals, which at one time I took for granted because I considered myself a higher species.

After having my first, and definitely not last, visit to Catskill Animal Sanctuary, I began to realize part of the completion in my life included the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. A feeling that included a connection of love and care and concern that I have toward animals. As with human beings, animals deserve to be cared for, not abandoned, loved not hated, understood not misunderstood for one’s personal needs. Cherished and not destroyed.

I say this with the utmost pleasure, that is most pleasing to my heart. In this life God is good, and with the creation of animals God’s love shines through to the world as a gift to man. Just look into those animals- eyes, the horses, the cows, the pigs, the goats. They understand! They feel joy, they feel sadness, they feel love…….God’s love……..

Can you understand that animals means so much more to the world than just food, or clothing, or sport, or something to be taken for granted? I oh so much would like everyone who can to come visit Catskill Animal Sanctuary! Come to feel the love, come to witness the emotions of the animals, and most of all come to experience the  loving connection of animals and man.

I would like to thank Kathy Stevens for showing me truth in our existence, and for giving me a better understanding to begin my new chapter of my life.

Thank You,
Nigel Williams

P.S. I’m relocating to the surrounding area. Looking forward to more volunteer work at CAS. Can’t wait, totally excited!

Nigel’s bio in his own words: I was raised by a single mother who worked very hard to support her three children. But like so many of the youth of today, I found myself making unhealthy choices, which eventually led me to seek the services offered by Samaritan Village to help me overcome the disease of addiction. What I can truly take with me from Samaritan Village is a sense of direction that I lacked in my youth and a certain know-how that tells me that I am someone special, I am someone important, and I am someone who can help others feel that way too. While at Samaritan Village, I had the opportunity to become involved with Catskill Animal Sanctuary, which has only added a new and deeper dimension to my program of recovery.




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3 replies on “Guest Blog from Nigel, “Feelings of the Heart””

  1. Hooray Nigel! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing these true words from your heart.

  2. We are kindred spirits, those of us fortunate enough to get close to CAS by volunteering or visiting or joining in on the website. Thanks Nigel for beautifully writing down the ‘feelings of the heart’ that so many of us share with you. You are one fine writer.

  3. This message gives me hope. I wish that more and more people start feeling this way and hope that one day factory farming will become a thing of the past.

    If we stop supporting the big food chains we can put an end to this horrible and unimaginable suffering of animals, who despite of how treated have so much love to give.
    It doesn’t have to be like this. Together we can make a difference.

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