Happy Ending for the Twins

You might remember that last August we took in four female sheep (two sets of twins)! The girls, Brigid, Mira, Marina, and Kybele, grew up on a heritage-breed meat farm in Germantown, NY. They were some of the first sheep that the farmers grew and they used the two sets of twins to give birth to many more. When the four girls got too old for breeding, the farmers couldn’t bear to send them to slaughter, but at the same time were unwilling to provide the special care these elderly sheep needed; so they called us.

We gladly welcomed the girls to a place that knows exactly how to pamper elderly animals! Though very shy at first, Brigid, Mira, Marina, and Kybele warmed up to CAS staff and, we are happy to report, were adopted in April. Their adopters, Jeff and Lisa, love love love farm animals. They even had hills made on their property to keep their goats entertained!

We recently heard from Lisa who said that the four girls are adjusting well to their new home. She and Jeff are so happy to have them! We just love happy endings.





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