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Hermione in quarantineThe end of the day around the Sanctuary is a bustle of activity. Animals need to be fed and an unending list of chores needs to be tackled.

At the end of one of these evenings last week a neighbor came down the hill to let us know about a goat lying by the side of the road. It seems she was abandoned there for us to find.

And what we found was upsetting.

She’s young, maybe only four to six months old, but she’s known cruelty and neglect. Her ribs poke through her loose-fitting skin. Her emaciated body further suffers from severe diarrhea. And her hooves are in terrible shape from lack of care and malnourishment.

Hermione is in quarantine while regaining her health.It’s our policy to place new arrivals immediately into quarantine for the safety of the other residents and the staff. During this time, we conduct an assessment to determine the animal’s health and whether or not they carry anything contagious.

This little girl arrived in such poor shape it’s likely that she’ll remain in quarantine for 30 days. We’ve started her on a diet of mainly hay with a little bit of grain to acclimate her body to eating again. She’ll be carefully monitored over the next few weeks as we administer antibiotics and wormer to rebuild her health. But we’ve already seen an encouraging improvement from just a few days ago.

Jenn, our animal care coordinator, chose a name for her. Jenn’s kind stepfather, Herm, is battling an aggressive form of leukemia. In his honor, Jenn named the little girl Hermione.

Please donate to help Hermione.We’ll never know what Hermione endured. And we wonder who else may be suffering at the place she came from.

But we do know this. Hermione is home.

Your support will help us care for Hermione. We’d be grateful for anything you would like to donate. Thank you for helping Hermione get well.



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3 replies on “Help Hermione”

  1. My son and I were the ones who found Hermione standing along side of the road at approximately 7:30 p.m. We drove down to the CAS and found only one person – Jen “the intern” working. She was so wonderful and caring. We put Jen in our car and drove her to the location near our property where Hermione was.

    She could not walk and was very scared. Another neighbor Rose, put her in the car and we all drove Hermione to CAS. We stayed with Hermione until she was settled. That night, my son James gave her a name “Gracie”.

    I just want to thank you for having people like Jen on your staff!

    I will be sure to stop by and drop off a donation.

    Cheryl and James

  2. Hi you incredible people,

    About Hermione, I was really saddened to hear this story of a baby animal (or ANY AGE really) being so horribly and cruelly neglected and then left to die by the roadside. And from what was told of her condition, I don’t know that the odds are good that she will survive, even given excellent medical care and rehab as I know you work hard to do there. It’s been a month since Hermione was rescued– did she make it? (Please update us when possible) I HOPE HOPE HOPE she rallied and is on the way back to a happy life as a CASA resident. If so, please accept this small donation I just made towards her care.

    But if, on the other hand,the outcome was not as hopeful or miraculous as everyone was hoping for, then please use this contribution wherever it can do some good for another neglected farm animal (maybe another goat…) Wish I could give more, as I know the need is great (I’ve volunteered with dog and cat rescues and know the expenses are just relentless)but I cannot. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR AMAZING AND COMPASSIONATE WORK for these deserving critters!

    Nina from Cleveland

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