Janice & Bella On the Mend

It didn’t take long. After only two weeks of love and care at CAS, our two newest rescues, beautiful thoroughbred mares, are on their way to a healthier life.

Janice and Bella survived a fire at a troubled farm and were taken in by a concerned neighbor. Unable to put weight on them after months of trying, he asked for our help and we were happy to welcome them to CAS.

The girls arrived about 200 lbs underweight, filled with worms, and with severe skin problems. CAS’s Animal Care Director Abbie Rogers has them on a special weight-gain diet, and happily reports that they are already putting on some pounds. The mares’ severe worm problem is being treated with a gradual worming schedule so that the treatment is not too hard on them, and the duo is enjoying frequent baths to treat their dermatitis.

Janice, a 12-year-old former racehorse, was not fully trusting when she arrived, but after daily attention, she now confidently approaches visitors to her pasture. Bella is only three years old. Both mares are affectionate, appear to be sound for riding, and will be available for adoption once they have fully recovered.

On behalf of Janice, Bella, and all those to come: thanks to our current members for making costly rescues such as these possible. We depend on members to help us save the lives of animals like Janice and Bella, and to enable us to speak on behalf of those that have no voice. Please consider joining us!

Janice and Bella chow down on some tasty hay in their new pasture at CAS



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