Just Two Tiny Horses

We thought we’d placed all eleven miniature horses from our November rescue at a Midwest hoarding operation. However, interest in the gorgeous and affectionate Merlin (shown here) and stout little Izzy has petered out. If you’d like a wonderful companion for your equine friend, please contact us for additional information about either of these cuties or fill out an adoption form.

A bonus: their grocery bills are a cinch!





2 replies on “Just Two Tiny Horses”

  1. Wish I could!! I used to have two minis and this little guy reminds me of mine. I forwarded the posting to a friend on the off chance that they might want to adopt. Hope that they find their perfect forever home!

  2. Are these two still homeless? I’d love to take one of them. I live in Oak hill, have one QH horse at the moment. Looking for a pony or mini.

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