July 2014 is Sponsor a Duck Month!

Did You Know?

Ducks are highly intelligent and emotional creatures. Many like to play, give snuggles, and be quite sociable with people. They form deep bonds with each other and have distinct personalities. Happy ducks need and enjoy access to clean, fresh water for drinking, swimming, and playing of course! They adore frolicking in the mud and foraging for worms and slugs too. At CAS, our ducks have a quacktastic time living as ducks are meant to live. Lucky ducks!

But not all ducks are so lucky. Ducks in factory farms and the foie gras industry which are harmed for culinary “delicacies” and deprived of all their natural behaviors. They are housed in cramped and dark cages with a mere trickle of water where they live short, stressful, and fearful lives. For the few, like Sabine and Giselle, who escape such deplorable conditions and come to CAS, they find a refuge. They learn that humans can be a source of love and kindness.

Why Sponsor a Duck from CAS?

Our ducks live such rich lives because of support from caring and loyal sponsors. Your sponsorship donation of $20 per month helps pay for your duck’s food, bedding and vet care.

Bruce & Leann
Bruce & Leann
Baily and Dexter
Baily & Dexter -now adopted!

Sponsoring a duck is a great way to get involved and make a difference, while gaining a new animal friend at the same time. Sponsorship also makes a great gift for the animal lover in your life. Most importantly, your sponsorship is vital to our life-saving work and makes a huge difference in the lives of desperate animals who need and deserve a second chance at happiness.

Sponsorship Benefits
Not only will you or your gift recipient gain a new duck friend, but for July 2014 only, you will also receive a FREE copy of “Suffering Eyes” by Franceen Neufeld. This wonderful book will speak to your heart and open your eyes to the suffering of all creatures great and small. It’s a must read for all animal lovers and activists.

When you sign up to sponsor a duck at CAS, you will also receive a 1 year Family Membership (a $65 value) as well! Your Family Membership entitles your household to free

Sabine & Giselle
Sabine & Gisele

tours April- October and reduced admission to special events. As a new sponsor, you will also receive 2 glossy photos of your duck buddy along with his/her rescue story. You can schedule a sponsor visit by appointment. To become a sponsor, click here.



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