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LA Times Covers The 2022 Goat Games!

Kathy Stevens, founder and executive director of the nonprofit Catskill sanctuary, started the event in August 2020, staging it remotely the same month the postponed Tokyo Olympics were scheduled to be held. The Catskill sanctuary was the only participant that year and it raised more than $42,000 from supporters who solicited donations for each mile they ran, hiked, biked or swam.

“You know, 2020 sucked for everybody,” said Stevens, whose facility operates on an annual budget of just more than $2 million. “Fundraising bottomed out for so many nonprofits and so many businesses went out. So we looked for a way we thought is different, is unique. Something fun.

“But that didn’t negate the urgency of the work because sanctuaries around the country are literally saving the lives of thousands of animals every year. We’re the place where animals most of society considers food get to know what love feels like.”

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