Little Ditty About Bobby and Diane

BobbyAt 49, gray-haired Bobby is the senior resident of Catskill Animal Sanctuary and one of the more popular animals people like to meet.

As a member of the Underfoot Family Bobby is free to roam the grounds. But unlike the goats who generally stay near the main barn, Bobby roams. You can never be sure where he’ll be and it’s a fun game to try to find him.

Bobby, Stencil, and caregiver Jenn
Bobby, Stencil, and caregiver Jenn let love keep them warm.

He spent much of his life around cows and will happily allow himself to be groomed. You’ll know he’s been visiting them when he returns to the barn with cow-licks everywhere. But he returns the favor and will often groom Stencil the goat.

Bobby was rescued from a bad situation 25 years ago by a loving family. But with their own advancing age they knew they could no longer provide the attention Bobby needed. Help Bobby or Diane! Be a sponsor for $75 a month.In 2013 they turned to Catskill Animal Sanctuary where we make sure his malformed hooves receive the care they need so that he can continue his roaming.

Likewise, Diane the mule came to the Sanctuary last year when her sight started to falter. We have experience caring for blind horses (our founder wrote a book about it!) and were ready to help Diane adjust to this major life change.

Diane and Kathy Stevens
Diane and founder Kathy Stevens

Today Diane spends her days in a pasture with blind horses Buddy and Mirage. Buddy in particular loves to stand next to her and Diane is patient with him up to a point. Then she’ll give a little squeal and a half-hearted kick if he pesters her too much.

But here’s the secret to Diane’s heart: a butt scratch. Her whole bottom lip wiggles in delight when she gets a good scratch.

Visitors fall in love with sweet Bobby and Diane. But it’s expensive providing them with the care they need to lead their happy lives. Would you please help by sponsoring them? By becoming a monthly sponsor you’ll help provide the safe and loving home they deserve. Please become a sponsor today.

People who become a donkey/mule sponsor in February will also receive a special gift: a water bottle with the CAS logo on it! Become a sponsor now!



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