Lucia: A Celebration of Life

On Saturday, January 20th 2018, we said our goodbyes to Lucia. And though 18 years is a long life for a goat, it doesn’t lessen the sting of the loss of our dear, affable, floppy-lipped, ever-smiling Lucia.


Photo by Roxie Newberry

Lucia came to the Sanctuary in May of 2015, quickly fashioning herself into “the eccentric grandmother” who led the Underfoots— our eclectic gang of free-range characters— on adventures large and small, including wandering up the driveway to our neighbor’s yard to decimate her prized shrubs (hence the new gate you might have noticed if you’ve visited recently).


Photo by Janet Holmes

As she aged, her travels diminished, and adventures were confined largely to the barnyard, where she shared a nighttime stall (and chopped hay) with Hannah the sheep, recently blind, a fellow Golden Girl.

Over the years, Catskill Animal Sanctuary has rescued hundreds of goats, and many stand out in our memory — for their willfulness, their impishness and hilarity. But for pure sweetness, Lucia joins a handful of innocents whose hearts we won’t soon forget, and a story told by Health Care Assistant Laura Cummins illustrates why:

“A few weeks ago, Lucia had a bad fall and I stayed with her overnight to monitor her status. As I was curled up on the floor of the infirmary stall, she stood right over me resting her nose on my forehead, and that was how we spent the night… Lucia was truly our silly, adoring guardian, and we will all miss her so incredibly deeply.”

Lucia had been slowly failing for many months, and when it was time to let her go, she was surrounded by those who knew and loved her most, who sent her off with all the love she so rightly deserved.

Thanks for the memories, old girl. And thanks, especially, for the love.



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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, but touched by all the love. Safe travels Lucia, you deserve to fly!

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