Meet Jumping Jake and Curious Cello!

Jake and CelloThese two Nigerian Dwarf boys came to CAS in September when their family could no longer care for them. Their family loved them very much and wanted to make sure they had a great home so they called CAS where their daughter had attended summer day camp.

Though they look like jake nad cellocuddly little kids, Jake and Cello are fully grown at 1 ½ years old.

These inquisitive boys have now joined the Underfoot Family of free ranging residents. Jake and Cello love tagging along behind Arthur, Stencil, Sansa, and Thelma on their daily adventures. They have lots of energy and love romping and playing. Jake and Cello are extremely affectionate with people and crave attention. When you come for a tour, they will be your guides as you walk around the barnyard.

Jake and Cello are never far from one another and would love a home where they could remain together. If you have a goat that needs some company, or are interested in starting small, then these two are just perfect for you! If you are interested in adopting or sponsoring Jake and Cello, contact adoption and sponsorship coordinator Erin Murphy at 845-336-8447 x232 or at



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