Meet the Pot Belly Posse

Maggie and Charlotte
Maggie and Charlotte spend their days sunbathing together.

Pot belly pigs are extraordinarily intelligent and insightful creatures and our girls are living proof. Best friends Maggie and Charlotte are inseparable, and though they don’t always see eye to eye, they would be lost without each other. Maggie and her gal pal Charlotte came to CAS after being left at a dog and cat shelter for over a year.  They are never far apart; they even snuggle up in their straw together for a nap after a day rooting in the mud and sunbathing.Become a monthly sponsor

Shy Girl
Shy Girl loves to cuddle up in a mountain of straw when it’s cold outside.

Shy Girl originally came to CAS with her Mama, who has since passed on. They were surrendered by a family who raised pigs for meat, but had a change of heart. Shy Girl used to room with Maggie and Charlotte, but was really more of a loner. She now enjoys spending the days free ranging around the grounds after her morning ritual of cleaning up all the crumbs from breakfast in the barn. Like most pigs, Shy Girl’s favorite time of day is feeding time. She lets out squeals of delight each day when dinner approaches. Though she’s come a long way, Shy Girl is still the embodiment of her name. She won’t accept pets or scratches, but doesn’t mind if you sit quietly nearby and share her space.

Mary Frances and Stencil
Now that the weather is warmer Mary Frances has started to explore the sanctuary.

New arrival Mary Frances came to CAS this December and her presence has been a holiday gift to us all!  Her family lost their home and could not take this sweet girl with them. She has made fast friends with our juvenile pig, Jasmine. They snuggle together beneath their nest of blankets and straw for warmth and companionship. During the day, these two venture out of their cozy bed in the barn to frolic with the chickens and ducks in our Garden House. Well, it used to be a garden before the pigs moved in. Now that Mary Frances and Jasmine have moved in they’ve been busy doing some rooting and redecorating of their own. Mary Frances loves to tunnel in the dirt and bask in the sun. She’s even made friends with some of the chickens and Bruce the duck. Bruce lovingly grooms the pigs while they are roaming and has even gotten them to lay down for duck-billed belly scratches! Mary Frances adores people and will flop right over for a belly scratch.

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