Members Tour Year-Round!

The sanctuary opens for weekend tours starting on Saturday, April 4, but did you know that members can schedule a tour anytime during the year? It’s true! All you have to do is contact our Programs Manager Kelly Mullins. If you’re not sure a tour is for you, then read Kelly’s perspective on being a guide:

Ginger and Kelly
Kelly loves introducing visitors to her friend Ginger.

Guiding a group of visitors on a tour of Catskill Animal Sanctuary is like walking on sacred ground while being given the precious opportunity to open people’s minds and hearts to the beloved beings who call this sanctuary home. It’s not a job but an honor to speak on behalf of the animals living here and those who will never find sanctuary. On a typical day I might give a tour to long time vegans who have visited CAS for the 100th time, a family with young children eager to touch the soft shiny feathers of Emmett, one of our beloved roosters and someone who has never even considered a life without animal products or ever thought about farmed animals as sentient individuals. Each tour is different depending on who the tour group is comprised of, which animals are in the mood for visitors and what time of day it is. The one constant though; everyone leaves CAS with an awareness of the dreadful lives of farmed animals, the experience of interacting with our cherished residents through kisses, pets, pats, hugs and belly rubs and the knowledge that these beings do indeed feel. Who could look into the deep soulful, lash covered eyes of Tucker the cow or hear the melodic sound of Franklin the pig snoring peacefully in his cozy bed and not be forever changed? Certainly, not I.

Doesn’t that sound like an amazing day? Become a member today, then check out the tour details, and contact Kelly at or 845-336-8447 ext. 200  to schedule your weekday tour!



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  1. hi! i am a sponsor and will be visiting tomorrow to go on a tour with my god-daughter, meredith, who is also an animal lover.. (she is 27)

    we will be there around noon..

    i have wanted to do this for a long time..i cannot wait to hug a pig!!!

    1. That’s so exciting! And you’ll be visiting on a fun day. PETA will be here with their interactive exhibit “I, Chicken.” Have a great day and please share your photos!

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