Merlin’s Second Happy Ending

     Happy endings arOur handsome man Merline sadly all too rare for farmed animals, but Catskill Animal Sanctuary works tirelessly to bring comfort, love, and safety to as many beings as possible.  And one such being now has a new happy ending.  A few years ago, Merlin, a handsome pony, along with ten miniature horses and fourteen chickens, was removed from a Wisconsin hoarder with a long history of neglect, and came to recuperate at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.
     Once everyone healed both physically and psychologically, they all went to adoptive homes approved by CAS.  Little Merlin settled into his new home nicely until a lovely mare came into his life, and the smitten pint-sized pony actually knocked down a second gelding. When the situation worsened, his family reluctantly asked to return him. As CAS is committed to lifetime care, we welcomed Merlin back to spend his days with the blind horses…that is, until a lovely family who wanted a companion for their older sweet Merlinpony chose to give Merlin his second and hopefully forever adoptive home.
     On Independence Day, Merlin went to his new digs in posh Westchester County, NY, with a beautiful barn, a big paddock, rolling hills to explore, and perfect ground for his hooves to stay healthy. His new family is thrilled, and so are we. Enjoy your happy ending Merlin, which is actually a new beginning for you.  Big love from all your friends at CAS!