You Gotta Like Mike!

At CAS, we’ve witnessed countless chickens form deep bonds not only with each other, but with turkeys, sheep, goats, and humans. We’ve watched a former cockfighting rooster become the barn’s official peacemaker (Paulie skillfully broke up pig arguments), and we’ve listened to several chickens sing along to the radio. One of our current pals, Sonny, loves to ride along with staff as they complete feed routes–perching in their lap and looking intently out the window. One of my best bird friends is a rooster named Mike.

A member of the Underfoot Family, Mike knows his name (and will turn around and run right to us when we call him), knows how to sneak into the feed room when dinner is being set up (front door locked? no problem!! quickly sneak down the aisle, around the break room, through the wash station, and into the back door…it’s usually open), and he patiently graces the break room doorway just a few minutes before lunchtime. He knows we’ll share our salad, our rice and beans, our veggie burger, etc….and we do.

“Broilers” like Mike are engineered to reach slaughter weight in just 42 days. The poultry industry acknowledges that up to 2% die of “flip over syndrome” — i.e. violent heart attacks — prior to slaughter, and those who escape their fate, like Mike, will likely deal with lifelong health issues at Sanctuary. Thanks to mankind, Mike will live a very short life. While he’s around, however, he has plenty to say to those of us willing to listen.

At 12:20 Mike patiently waits for CAS staff to join him for lunch in the break room.



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  1. It makes me sad to know what we’ve done to all these animals. I am happy though that Mike will have a happy life at CAS, short though it may be.

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