New Yorkers, Let’s Put An End To Cruel Confinement!

[This is a guest blog post written by Amanda Citarella.]

The New York Assembly is considering A. 1656, a bill that would make the cruel confinement of veal calves and pregnant pigs illegal. These practices are considered so horrible that they have been banned by the entire European Union, New Zealand, and some US states.

Veal calves are raised in a confined area that keeps them isolated and restricts their movement in order to prevent connective tissue from developing. This practice, along with an unnatural diet, creates the distinct taste and texture of veal.  After four to six months of confinement, the calves are slaughtered. The proposed legislation would require that veal calves be able to lie down, stand up, turn around, and fully extend their limbs. These same rules would apply to pregnant pigs who are currently confined to gestation crates. Barricaded by a two foot wide metal crate on a concrete floor, and unable to even turn around, female pigs have one litter after another until they are sent to slaughter.

Thanks to increased public awareness and changing consumer demands, even major corporations like McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Denny’s, and Costco have made promises to eliminate suppliers who use gestation and veal crates. Well-known chef, Wolfgang Puck, has also committed to not to useing veal or pork that comes from these cruel crates.

Much remains unaddressed by the proposed legislation as it would help only a subset of calves – the ones who aren’t killed days after birth and those who are intensely confined (several housing options are currently in use). Still, most believe that the legislation would be a forward step. If you agree, make your voice heard on behalf of calves and mother pigs. With your help, New York can become the 10th state to ban gestation crates, and the 8th state to prohibit veal crates. Click here to send your assembly members an email urging them to co-sponsor A. 1656.
Mother pigs in gestation crates. (Photo by Farm Sanctuary)
Mother pigs in gestation crates. (Photo by Farm Sanctuary)




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