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Our Herd Grows Stronger Through Gratitude & Generosity: Giving Tuesday 2019 

Hello, Friends— we hope you’re enjoying the season! Around here it’s been a rough few weeks: we won’t sugarcoat it! So many of our animal care crew have been down with the flu that folks are exhausted and running on fumes, and Russell’s accident, hospital stay, and death have left us a wrung out: losing any animal is tough; losing them at a young age is tougher. Finally: winter is here with a BANG, and we’re bracing ourselves for the extra work that comes with biting winds, ice, and lots of white stuff. 

But it’s times like this when our Herd comes together. In just the last few days, we’ve seen it happen. Sanctuaries joined forces for a long-shot rescue attempt. Staff covered each other’s shifts. And our team out there—the Herd that is all of YOU—has come together once again:

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday, one of the biggest fundraising days of the year for non-profits like us. Two longtime supporters, John Metzner and Stan Ponte, have offered to help our #GivingTuesday go even farther: these phenomenally generous men are matching every donation up to $15,000. We hope that you will add to their kindness and strength and support us on #GivingTuesday. No donation is too small to make a difference. In good times and bad, our Herd comes together. 

Love Spoken Here, friends.



Love Spoken Here


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