Rambo’s Children Come Home

RamboThe Great Sheep Rambo looms large in Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s history.

He arrived untrusting and filled with anger as part of the first rescue we ever conducted. Eventually his anger gave way to trust and devotion as Rambo assumed the role of protector. For years he looked after both his nonhuman and human flock and challenged perceptions about the differences between us.

When Rambo died in 2012 we assumed that was the end of his story. Imagine our surprise when we received a call asking if we could give a home to four of his children.

Rambo was part of a small herd in that first rescue. They were in poor health so no one realized that many of them were pregnant until they suddenly began to give birth shortly after they arrived!

We found homes for the babies, but now fourteen years later one of the adopters called to say they could no longer care for them. We didn’t hesitate to say yes. These were Rambo’s children who born here. We would bring them home.

A few days ago ram Timmy and ewes Sophie, Scully, and Noelle arrived with goat friend Lucia, confused and frightened. We housed them together in a stall and have been giving them free reign of the barn to get them accustomed to their new surroundings.

We will earn their trust as we did their father all those years ago. We’re confident that once they become comfortable they’ll become part of the Underfoots who roam the grounds freely, having adventures and greeting guests.

Welcome home, children.

Rambo's children and a goat friend

Would you like to help care for Rambo’s children? We’d be grateful for donations of any amount.



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  1. This is so exciting! Can’t wait 2 come up & meet them. U know, we keep talking about animals – those of us who love CAS – as we should. But I think we should remember that a group of dedicated humans are the ones who make it all possible. Hats off 2 all of u who work @ CAS doing all that wonderful work. It truly is a labor of love, & love is exactly what the result is. No return on investments, bottom line, profit, just making right where so many other people do wrong – to innocent creatures who do not deserve 2 suffer. U totally misrepresent the human species, but that’s a good thing!

    1. Thanks, Charis! But the real thanks go to all the volunteers, donors, and members who make everything possible. We couldn’t do anything without them!

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