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Remembering Rudy: The Last Of Our Catskill Game Farm Cows

Last week, we said goodbye to our beloved steer, Rudy at the beautiful old age of 17. We are so lucky to have gotten to witness him grow old, knowing just how close he came to having his life ended before he could turn one. Our hearts are broken, even after a long and beautiful life, but we find solace in knowing that we have provided him with many beautiful years of love, care, and joy at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

Rudy’s journey began in 2006 when he was rescued from the Catskill Game Farm. He was nearly auctioned off and killed after the Game Farm shut down, but thankfully, he was rescued along with Patty, Amos, and Jesse. From the moment Rudy arrived at our sanctuary, he touched the lives of everyone who had the privilege of meeting him. With his gentle nature, rough-tongued kisses, and kind spirit, Rudy became a source of love and inspiration for both staff and visitors alike, helping thousands of visitors make the profound connection between affection for animals and the importance of excluding them from their plates.

Throughout his 17 years at Catskill Animal Sanctuary, the thing that we’ll remember most was Rudy’s capacity for love. He had a special bond with his cow friends, especially Dozer, with whom he formed a deep connection that lasted for many years. His presence radiated warmth and tranquility, and his compassionate nature touched the hearts of countless children and adults who visited our sanctuary. Rudy’s impact extended far beyond the boundaries of our sanctuary, forever changing the way people viewed and connected with farmed animals.

As we bid farewell to Rudy, we acknowledge the immense grief and loss that his passing brings. He will be deeply missed, not only by our staff and by the countless lives he has touched over the years, but also by his cow friends Dozer and Zsa Zsa, who are already mourning his loss. Rudy’s legacy will live on through the memories we shared, the laughter he inspired, and the profound lessons he taught us about kindness, resilience, and the capacity for love that resides within all beings.

Rudy’s time with us on the physical plane may have come to a close, but the legacy of his gentle nature, unwavering strength, and ability to touch lives will endure. We are grateful for the profound impact he had on our sanctuary and the countless hearts he touched during his time with us. Rudy, you will be remembered with love, and your memory will continue to inspire us in our ongoing commitment to animal welfare and compassion. Rest in peace, dear friend.



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