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Saying Goodbye to Travis

Our hearts are broken to share such sad news, but our friend, Travis, passed away from an apparent heart attack, and we already miss him terribly.
Travis, his best friend, Freddie, and 11 other roosters were rescued in 2013 from a school hatching project—an archaic practice where classrooms hatch eggs in a classroom, resulting in very few happy endings for the chicks.
Travis touched so many visitors’ hearts over their nearly 9 years at Catskill Animal Sanctuary. His and Freddie’s gentleness challenged common misconceptions about roosters—and sent many down the path to veganism and compassionate living. But he especially won the hearts of his lifetime friend, Freddie, who lived with him for all of his days, Jasmine the pig, on whose belly he loved to perch for hours, and Raymond, the ornery rooster who expressed interest in NOBODY until Travis and Freddie came along, forming a tight threesome.
We’ll never forget the way he would dance at our feet—his way of “collecting” us humans, taking us under his protection, the way he would try to share his snacks with us, and the way he would fall asleep gently in our arms, before insisting he’d had enough, and fly to the floor with an “AUUUGHHH” of exasperation.
Travis, you were a legendary bird. We’ll never forget you.




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  1. Rest in peace, sweet Travis. I never met you, but everyone deserves a good comment on their memorial page. I hope you had a great life! Freddie, Jasmine, Raymond are sad, but they, like every other creature and human on the planet, will join you soon enough. See you on the other side, friend!
    xo Carolina

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