School Kids Call for Second Servings of Compassionate Cuisine

Kids from PS244, the nation’s first vegetarian public school, eagerly lined up for second servings at last week’s picnic lunch served on the sprawling lawn of The Homestead, Catskill Animal Sanctuary’s guest house. After a busy morning of belly rubs for our resident pigs and lots of chicken hugging, these third graders had worked up a healthy appetite. In keeping with the mission of the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food and the visionary direction of PS244’s all-vegetarian school menu, we honored our own mission as well by serving up a kid and adult-friendly vegan meal that featured good nutrition, easy preparation, and great taste. Although the chickpea mock tuna wraps were a big hit, it was the chocolate chip rice crispy treats that were the hands-down winner. Big surprise!

Try these recipes and create your own stampede for “seconds” at home.

Chocolate Chip Rice Crispy Treats





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