She Fit in the Palm of my Hand

I want to tell you Andrea’s story.

When she was only a day old, she and 101 other chicks sat chirping helplessly in a cardboard box at a post office in Washington, DC. They were destined for Alabama, but had gotten lost in the mail. The hatchery where they came from told the post office that they would send a “new batch” to Alabama, and that the post office could do what they pleased with the lost chicks. These sensitive and intelligent animals were being regarded as nothing more than a commodity.Thankfully, a network of caring individuals sprang to action when they heard about the chicks, and when we got the call, we took in Andrea and nineteen others. They were so small when they arrived that they fit in the palm of my hand.

As you can imagine, sending a tiny chick like Andrea in the mail is inhumane and dangerous, so we immediately provided all the medical care they needed, and set them up under toasty heat lamps where they could recover from their trauma. Their little chirps echoed throughout the room. Andrea and her friends stared wide-eyed at me with such innocence! I was glad that these innocent chicks had made it through, and had ended up in a place where they will forever be surrounded by love.

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I wish I could tell you that this is an unusual story, but the reality is that I get calls like this every week. Even though the need is enormous, there aren’t many places that take in farm animals.In fact, just weeks after taking in these chicks, I got a call from a rescue organization that was closing. More chickens, just like Andrea, needed somewhere they could call home. We drove to Pennsylvania and brought back forty-two chickens. Again we administered medical care and set up housing for all of them.

Calls like these will never stop coming in, but with your help, I can say yes to more of them. Each animal who arrives at Catskill Animal Sanctuary requires medical attention, housing, food, daily care, and more. Because many of these animals never find adoptive homes, I have to consider each animal we take in a life-long commitment, and that takes a lot of resources.

Please donate now towards our Emergency Rescue Fund and help us cover the expense of these rescues and so many others like them. Your gift will help us say ‘yes’ when the next urgent call comes.

Give now to help Catskill Animal Sanctuary continue our vital work of providing emergency rescue and sanctuary to animals who desperately need both. The animals need you on their side.

On behalf of Andrea and all her feathered friends, thank you.

With gratitude,

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